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Knoxville, TN 37919
tel:   (865)   584-3000
fax:  (865)   584-8101

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Heartland Services is a true single source packaging and shipping company. One telephone call provides the solution to the most demanding requirements.

We outsource for commercial business and turnkey for setting up a shipping department, a fulfillment and/or a packaging department.

Our services are provided on-site or off-site for your convenience, as well as pick-up and delivery. We will provide you with a quote and custom plans with many options to ensure your needs are met. We can also set-up a system to work with your existing structure.

Some or our applications include:

  • Company Shipping / Packaging Dept.

  • On-site Fulfillment

  • Off-site Outsourcing

  • Oversize/Overweight Items (includes items over 150 lbs. and 165" girth)

  • Order Fulfillment

  • E-bay Auction Shipments & Packaging

  • Machinery, Engines, Machine Parts

  • ... and many more!

"From Packaging Items to Tracking & Fulfillment We Can Help You With Any Area of Shipping & Packaging"